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GKTECH- Nissan Z33 350Z / Z34 370Z Gearbox Shifter Relocation Setup


V2 GKTECH Z33 / Z34 gearbox shifter relocation kit.

The V2 GKTECH Z33/Z34 gearbox shifter relocation setup has been designed as a bolt on solution whenfitting cd009, cd00a gearboxes to S and R chassis Nissans (although may fit others) and not having the shifter sit back 6" too far. Our shifter setup sits just 85mm from the rear of the bolt holes on the back of the gearbox. 

Designed from scratch with over 200 hours spent modelling, prototyping and testing we are happy with the final result. This design DOES feature reverse lockout.

- CAD designed
- No OEM parts required to fit this to the rear of a Z33 350z/Z34 370z gearbox
- Features reverse lockout
- Shifter sits just 85mm from the rear of the bolt holes on the back of the gearbox
- Thread for shifter is M10x1.25 (same as S13/S14 SR20 Nissan and many others)

Want more technical information, product benefits and a look into the design process? Click here:

NOTE: Will not work with gearbox yokes larger than the OEM Z33 yoke at 90mm in outside diameter
NOTE: Fitment is based on running an SR20, KA24, VQ35/37 or RB20/25/26. If you're running an engine that sits further back then the shifter will sit further back. 

Check out this short video from one of our testers on Instagram:


Will this shifter suit my setup? We can't confirm every possible configuration but we can confirm that if you have an SR20 in an S chassis with a Z33 350z or Z34 370ztransmission that our shifter will fit in the OEM position. If you are running an LS or JZ motor in your S chassis and it's sitting further back than the SR20 did then naturally the shifter will sit further back.

Does this shifter have reverse lockout?? Yes, it was easier to make a version without it however after racing without the reverse lockout I quickly discovered the need for it. 

Will this suit a Z32 transmission? No the Z32 transmissions are completely different to the Z33 350z/Z34 370z and they won't work at all.

Are any other parts required to get this shifter to work? None of the OEM shifter related parts are required. Everything needed to install the shifter onto the transmission is supplied.

Do you sell adapter plates or other conversion parts? At this point in time, we are only making shifters and transmission crossmembers to suit when using an SR20 in an S13 or S14. We may make an adapter kit in the future but there isn't a definitive plan.

I need to replace the bush at the bottom of the shifter? No problem, we have them on the shelf here: