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R32 > RB25 Gearbox Speedo Drive Convertor


R32 > RB25 Gearbox Speedo Drive Convertor

Speedo drive for using an RB25 large casing in a R32 GTS-T with speedo cable. 

*We also do the other necessary conversion parts for putting the RB25 gearbox in an R32 such as the custom propshaft and gearbox crossmember. Please contact us for more information*

Speedo accuracy is something we get asked a lot. The cog on the end of the drive is what affects it. They come with the cog already fitted and only need the cog modifying/changing if your speedo is massively out once fitted. It is near impossible to do a ‘one cog suits all’ for these conversions as there are a number of other factors that affect the speedo such as tyre size and diff ratio, both of which are commonly changed on these cars and the fact that the speedo isn’t 100% accurate from factory anyway.

Going by previous ones we have fitted here and from other customers feedback, these are generally within 10-12% when compared with GPS.

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