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The new SINE Drive Oil Pump sits alongside the Nitto traditional Nissan RB Flank Drive Oil Pump as the premier Oil Pump option for the RB World.

Unique SINE Drive system developed exclusively by Nitto Performance Engineering was specifically developed to offer all the necessary tolerances, clearances and positive gear drive required for use on ALL RB series engines.

From totally stock to full blown high performance drag applications, the SINE Drive system holds its own ground.

The NITTO RB series high volume oil pump is a high quality performance aftermarket oil pump that will suit Nissan RB20, RB25, RB26 and RB30 engines. Oil flow and pressure is dramatically increased over that of the factory oil pump which is critical in modified engines for reliability of the lubrication system. Failure of this system is the “Achilles heel” of the Nissan RB series engine even on mildly tuned examples and accounts for a high percentage of ”RB” engine failures.

Factory based oil pumps are highly prone to oil pump gear failure in modified engines due mostly to the quality of the cheaper mass produced material used in the manufacturing of the OEM style gears. Oil pump gear failure will result with inevitable engine damage. For this reason EN Series billet steel material is utilised for the manufacture of NITTO RB series high volume oil pump gears which are far superior in strength and durability to that of both factory and its competitor’s oil pump gears.

NITTO utilizes their precision CNC machined cast alloy outer housing and along with their already proven oil pump design NITTO has now released a new billet alloy backing plate allowing further stability to oil pressure and flow at high rpm levels by minimizing any possible flexing of the housing.

NITTO RB series oil pumps are supplied pre-inspected, blue printed, assembled and cleaned to enable direct installation straight onto your engine and assure total confidence.

Includes gasket, front seal, SINE crank collar.

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