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Garage-D 340LPH Uprated Fuel Pump - Ethanol Compatible


Garage-D 340LPH E85 Uprated Fuel Pump

After having a number of well known branded fuel pumps fail, we have gone direct to a leading pump manufacturer and had our own range of pumps/kits produced to suit the popular Nissan applications.

This 340LPH unit is a direct comparison to the popular 044 Type in tank fuel pumps on the market, and is also a direct fit to the original Nissan pump assembly! This pump is suitable for all cars from standard to 500bhp+.

We have been testing our 340LPH series pump in our R34 4-door "Mac Tools" drift car which has been rolling roaded at 525BHP These are tested and individually calibrated units with a serial number to guarantee authenticity.

2019 Onwards update - Due to the popularity of Alcohol based fuels and that we are now selling and using Boost Race fuel in our own cars, we are now making these pumps Ethanol compatible. Obviously they still work fine with normal UK pump fuel.  

As different vehicles use different filters and fittings, please select your vehicle from the drop down box. If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us for details.

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Commodity Code HS84133020